Europe “may lose half of amphibian species by 2050”

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London warn that climate change, pollution, disease and habitat loss and degradation may lead to the elimination of half of Europe’s amphibian species in the next 40 years, The Times reported.

According to the scientists’ current climate modelling, of the 81 species of amphibians native to Europe, 50% face extinction by 2050.

The scientists recommended that in the short-term many species would need to be taken into captivity to prevent their extinction. In the long term, the scientists hope that solutions to climate change in Europe might allow these amphibians to return to their natural habitats.

“It is both extraordinary and terrifying that in just a few decades the world could lose half of all these species,” the British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough told The Times. He added his hope “that we will not be hearing the dying croaks of these amazing creatures in the years to come.”

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