UN says poor children main victims of climate change

Millions of the world's poorest children are among the principal victims of global warming, a United Nations report said on Tuesday, which called for urgent action to protect children around the world.

The UNICEF report "Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility" found climate change could add 40,000-160,000 child deaths a year in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa through lower economic growth.

 "It is clear that a failure to address climate change is a failure to protect children," Reuters reported UNICEF UK director, David Bull, as saying. "Those who have contributed least to climate change — the world’s poorest children — are suffering the most."

" It also noted that if temperatures rose by two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, up to 200 million people globally would face hunger — a figure that climbs to 550 million with a temperature rise of three degrees.

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