<p>The whale shark is the world&#8217;s biggest fish, and also one of its most endangered (Wikipedia)</p>

10 marine species that need protecting

From the North Atlantic ​r​ight ​w​hale to the humble black sea snail many marine species face extinction. Here are those most in need

Whether it’s the world’s biggest fish (the whale shark) or smaller species like the​ North American sea snail​ and elkhorn coral, our ocean species are in peril. 

They ​are threatened by over-fishing, illegal trafficking, tourism, climate change, disease and pollution.​ ​The​se​ threats are diverse, manmade and largely preventable. Oceans are sensitive and complex ecosystems where one disruption to the food chain can trigger a crisis affect​ing other​ species. 

This interactive multimedia map shows ​species​ that​ are in urgent need of help if they are to avoid extinction. 

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