“How the CDM changes lives”

That is the title of an international video contest  organised by the Clean Development Mechanism — the international emissions trading scheme under the Kyoto Protocol. The first and third prizes, awarded at the Copenhagen conference, have been won by Chinese filmmakers, which should come as no great surprise: over 40% of all CDM projects are registered in China.

Thanks to The Green Leap Forward blog, here are three bilingual China-related videos, all of which — again, no surprises — extoll the virtues of the CDM. If you want to read the other side of the carbon-trading debate (and there are some important points to be made about the CDM’s weaknesses and failures — particularly around the issue of "additionality"), then have a look back at chinadialogue‘s archive: you may want to start with "Briefing: carbon trading" by Maryann Bird; or skip straight to a stronger point-of-view from Kevin Smith, "Carbon trading isn’t working".

"Natural Gas Power Plant in Inner Mongolia Changes Nasong’s Lives" by Li Yang Li and Zhang Xiaochen


 "Changing Lives in China" by Van Yang

China takes the lead in wind energy development by ClimateWorks.