The developing world reacts to the ‘Danish text’

chinadialogue has got hold of a copy of the G77 analysis of, and reaction to, the so-called ‘Danish text.’ The G77 is particularly angry because it believes the Danish text:

Would eventually kill off the Kyoto Protocol;

Creates new obligations for developing countries;

Creates new sub-categories of developing countries;

Allocates too much of the remaining atmospheric space to the developed world;

Tries to treat developed and developing countries the same way.

The G77, it turns out, is opposed to almost any similar treatment for developed and developing countries. It is, for instance, opposed to common international standards for shipping and aviation – despite these industries actually being in favour of international standards and differentiation being deeply impractical.

In a press conference yesterday Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, head of the G77 negotiating team, broke down in tears. “We have been asked to sign a suicide pact” he said.
Yesterday I outlined why the ‘Danish text’ was not as big a cause for concern as some had made out. Experts and insiders repeatedly told chinadialogue today that the Danish text was simply an opening bid and is now no longer being considered. A group of advanced developing countries including China, India, South Africa and Brazil have prepared their own, highly defensive outline of a political deal which is now also being circulated. We should expect more of these idealised draft agreements to surface over the coming days. Expect more convenient outraged reaction as well. Welcome to the negotiations.