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Guizhou to mandate bundling new renewable projects with coal

The “renewable plus coal” combination will be favoured in the approval process, while standalone renewable projects are unlikely to get the green light

China’s central bank to focus on transition finance

The People’s Bank of China will explore more transition finance instruments to support lowering emissions from carbon-intensive industries

Construction material emissions to peak by 2030, not 2025

Emissions from China’s construction materials are now expected to peak by 2030, five years after the industry’s own proposed date

Countries agree on Wuhan Declaration to protect wetlands

A wetlands conservation agreement known as the Wuhan Declaration has been adopted at a major meeting of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

China unveils position ahead of climate talks in Egypt

China has called for targets to be translated into implementation at the annual UN climate negotiations (COP27) kicking off next week in Egypt

Twenty cancellations since China’s no overseas coal power pledge

Seventy seven projects (28.5GW) are still being planned, 65 (28.38GW) are under construction and 68 (23.79GW) are on hold, according to Greenpeace

The provinces regulating against soil pollution

Beijing has released regulations to address soil pollution, including by controlling use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers

Shanghai hit by saltwater intrusion after record drought in Yangtze basin

Severe saltwater intrusion has arrived in Shanghai earlier than expected, threatening drinking water supply

Security high on the minds of policy makers at Party Congress

Ensuring the security of energy, food and minerals powering the Chinese economy has been a central message in top-level speeches at the 20th Party Congress

China publishes action plan to ensure quality of energy transition

By 2025, a set of technical standards to lead the low-carbon transition of China’s energy system should be established, a gov action plan has stated